Bike touring has taken me to some very photogenic places. And during my career I traveled to Asia frequently for business. That has given me many photographic opportunities. The galleries here are the result of those travels.

Links to the galleries:

    2018 "Middling" route from OR to NE
    2017 Northern Tier ride from ME to WA
    2016 Trans Am ride from VA to OR
    2014 "Father's to Son's" Pacific Coast SF to LA Tour
    2014 Lemonade - Western 1/2 Trans-Am OR-CO Tour
    A Collection of my miscellaneous pictures
    Business trips to Penang, Malaysia, and other Asian locations


Recent Thoughts on Cameras for Bike Touring based on my 2018 trip

Most "serious" photographers use either Mirrorless or DSLRs cameras with interchangable lenses. Ten years ago I purchased a Pentax *ist DL "crop frame" (APS-C) DSLR with a typical for that time, 6 mega pixel sensor. Many of my non bike touring images, such as those in the Penang / Asia and miscellaneous galleries were captured with it.

But when touring on my bike, my ability to carry camera gear is limited. So for touring, I purchased a Fuji X100S. The X100S is a compact camery with a 16 Mega Pixel APS-C sensor, and a fixed 35mm equivilent lens. I takes very good pictures, especially for it's size. The images captured on my 2014 bike trips come from it.

While the Fuji is more compact and is lighter than a DSLR, it still has some dissadvantages for touring. I have to find power to keep it's batteries charged, I have to worry about it getting stolen, and it requires fiddling around in the evenings to transfer images to my phone so I can upload them to my journal. So, for 2015 and later, I simply used my Motorola Droid smartphone. Sure the images show their limitations when printed larger than about 8x10, but they're really pretty decent viewed on a screen.

I may return to the Fuji for future trips, or buy one of the pocketable "1 inch" sensor cameras. A better camera obviously takes better pictures, but it's definitely easier to just use my smartphone while on the road. It's all a compromise - Am I a bike tourist that happens to take some pictures, a photographer who happens to travel by bike, or somthing in between?

Mt. Moran
Train's a-comin' - NorthEast Montana along the "High Line". June, 2017
Moto Droid Turbo, 28.0 mm equiv, F2.0, 1/6400, ISO 64