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The road is calling, and I must ride

(With apologies to John Muir…)

While I enjoy Saturday rides with the Phoenix Metro Bike Club, it’s the long rides that speak to me.

Riding out where there are few people, and (hopefully) fewer cars is what I most love about cycling. I have been truly blessed by having the opportunity to be retired at an early age, when I still have the health to go explore. My first long ride was in the year 2000. I rode down the pacific coast from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California. I had always had the dream of riding across the country – or at least after reading about “Bikecentennial” back in 1976. But life and family meant that such a dream had to wait. My Portland to SF ride had to meet that dream for the time.

But the dream wouldn’t end. I had to do more. So when I retired in 2014 the fun began. Since I was no longer married, and my children were grown, long rides were a possibility. So off I went.

If you wonder why I do this, read “Why I Tour” to see why I like to go on long bike tours.

The links below connect to Crazy Guy on a Bike (a fitting name if there ever was one!).

Journey Title Miles Status
Middling Coast to Coast 1819 Completed Aug 2017
46 Degrees 4449 Completed Aug 2017
Unfinished Business 285 Completed Aug 2016
Trans Am Reboot 4108 Completed Jul 2016
Pacific Coast 2015 499 Completed Sep 2015
The Lemonade Tour – Part II 110 Completed Aug 2015
From Father’s to Son’s 520 Completed Oct 2014
The Lemonade Tour – Part I 1965 Completed Jul 2014
Portland to SF (no journal) 930 Completed Sep 2000
Total Touring miles 14685 With more to come…