Pictures from my 2020 Peaks, Parks, Prairies, and Rivers" trip

On July 5th, I flew to Portland Oregon. My daughter picked me up, and drove me east to Stevnson Washington and the Scamania county fairgrounds. This is the same place I stayed on day 3 of my trip 2 years earlier.

From there, I headed East to Minneapolis, and then south to New Orleans. While my end date was flexible, I did want to stick to a rough 3 month schedule. This turned out to be a great trip. I got to ride most of the Natchez Trace, as well as to visit the south, a part of this country I had never been too.

As on many other trips, these pictures don't do justice to the beauty of places I rode through, but I'm sure you will enjoy them.

As I did last year, I simply used my cell phone - a 20 MP Motorola Droid Turbo (X1254). It has a 4.8 mm (28mm equivilent) lens, and a fixed F2.0 aperture. Unfortunately, I dropped it in Wyoming, shattering the screen, so I had to replace it. My new phone is a Motorola "Moto G Power". Down to 16 MP, with a 4.05 mm lens (same equivelence) and with a fixed F1.7 aperture.

You would think that being 3 years newer, the new phone would take better pictures, but I think they're not quite as good. That's probably because the Droid was a top tier phone while the G Power is mid tier. But when you need a new phone in Gillete, Wyoming (pop 32,000), you take what you can get.

Bridge over the Columbia River at Sunset. Umatilla, OR. July, 2020

Butterscotch and Chocolate. A pattern of harvested and not harvested wheat fields in the Washington Palous July, 2020

Hay Fields east of Missoula, Montana. July, 2020

View from our camp site in Livingston, Montana, at sunset. July, 2020

Climbing up towards Powder River Pass, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming. July, 2020

A Pamoramic view of the way we came. July, 2020

Cool Ranch sign - Central Wyoming July, 2020

You know what this is... Mt. Rushmore, SD. August, 2020

The otherworldly scenery of Bandlands National Park, South Dakota North Coast, CA. August, 2020

Another view of Bandlands National Park. August, 2020

The wheat fields of far eastern South Dakota. August, 2020

One of the Bike paths as I approached Minneapolis. August, 2020

Sunset over the Mississippi River, from my camp site in Warsaw Illinois. August, 2020

Crossing back into Illinois on the Cape Girardeau bridge. August, 2020

Lighthouse Landing Marina - Grand Rivers, Kentucky. August, 2020

A pretty reflective pond along the "Land between the Lakes Parkway", Tennessee. August, 2020

Northern Natchez Trace Parkway, Tennessee. August, 2020

House in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Lousiana. August, 2020