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The road is calling, and I must ride

The Crazy Guy On A Bike journal for my Summer 2018 ride is posted HERE.

Both my 2016 Trans AM and my 2017 Norther Tier trips were done East to West, so I decided that for this year I should change things, and ride West to East. I also decided to do a ride somewhere between my previous routes.

The route goes from Astoria Oregon to Missoula Montana, down western Montana to Yellowstone, crosses Northern Wyoming, The Black Hills, and Northern Nebraska. It then includes RAGBRAI, and crosses Illinois and Indiana. From that point we will probably head to Pittsburgh, and then north to Bar Harbor Maine.

Regardless of the exact route chosen, the total distance from Astoria, Oregon to Bar Harbor, Maine ends up in the 4500 mile range. Just about right for a 3 month summer trip.

Refer to the above link for details, and results.