Current Bike Touring Activities

The road is calling, and I must ride

I'm currently planning my summer 2018 bike trip. The journal is posted HERE.

Since my 2016 Trans AM and my 2017 Norther Tier trips were both done East to West, I'm planning to ride West to East this summer. I'm also thinking it would be nice to do a ride somewhere between these two routes.

My current plan is to use the "Adventure Cycling Association" (ACA) "Lewis & Clarke" route from Astoria, Oregon to Missoula, Montana. From there I'll use the ACA Trans AM to Yellowstone. This is of course, a section I have already done twice (once in each direction), but I enjoyed it enough to do it again.

Once at Yellowstone, instead of following the Trans Am route through the center of the park, past "Old Faithful", I hope to ride through the northern part, taking in things like Yellowstone falls and it's canyon. I'll exit the park using either the north-east or east exit to Cody, Wyoming.

From Cody I will head east across the north of Wyoming over the Big Horn mountains to Devils Tower. After Devils Tower I'll visit the Black Hills, ride part of the Michelson trail, the Needles Highway, visit Mount Rushmore and drop to the Sand Hills of Nebraska. After riding across Nebraska I'll Join RAGBRAI to ride accros Iowa to the Mississippi river.

After RAGBRAI I plan to follow "Northern Tier" section 8 to Monroeville, Indiana. From that point there are two options:

  1. Follow old US 30 (the Lincoln Highway) to Pittsburgh. From there, use the "Great Allegheny Passage" (GAP) rail-trail, and the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal path, to Washington DC. Assuming were interested in more miles we will ride the Altlantic Coast route to Bar Harbor, Maine.
  2. Stay on the Northern Tier the rest of the way to Bar Harbor.

While I hope to decide which option to use either before the start, or by the time we get to Missoula (where we can by maps), It's possible the decision won't happen until we reach Monroeville.

Regardless of the route chosen, the total distance from Astoria, Oregon to Bar Harbor, Mains ends up in the 4500 mile range. Just about right for a 3 month summer trip.

2018 route
Initial proposed route for 2018 tour

I'm currently recruiting people to ride with me. One of the Phoenix Metro Bike Club guys I ride with on Saturday Mornings rides cross country every summer. We're likely to ride together this year. In addition, I have an add on ACA's "Companions Wanted" site, and have another 2 or so riders lined up.

Stay tuned for more excitement!!!