Thumbnails of all images of our 2018 trip

When you hover over these images, you will see the file name of the picture. Send me an email with that name, and any edit instructions, and I'll create a copy and email it back to you. The full size files are generally between 10 and 15 MB in size. GMAIL will let me send files up to 25 MB, but to be safe, I'll send them one at a time. Gmail lets me (or you if that's what you use) receive files of up to 50 MB, but your email provider may have lower limits. If so, let me know, and I'll post the image on line for you so you can download it with your browser.

For reference, the file names are made up of my initials (RAM), + the date the picture was taken (yyyy, mm, dd) + the sequence within the trip, (00001 - 00307). I actually took a lot more, but each night, I deleted rejects, and when there was more than one picture that was basically the same, I only kept the best. So in reality I took closer to 1000.

Out of all these, there are 125 that I rated two stars or more. In most cases, it was because they have some memory or historical significance associated with them (e.g. crossing a state line). Twenty of these I rated three stars or more. These are "good", and are in the 2018 TRIP GALLERY

12 out 20 of the 3 stats or move pictures are actually rated 4 stars - Good enough to consider printing and putting on my wall. In reality I'll likely only print 4 or 5 of them.
The 4 star images include: RAM_2018610_00048.jpg, RAM_2018612_00059.jpg, RAM_2018613_00072.jpg, RAM_2018613_00073.jpg, RAM_2018623_00124.jpg, RAM_2018624_00138.jpg, RAM_2018627_00202.jpg, RAM_2018628_00202.jpg, RAM_2018630_00223.jpg, RAM_2018701_00234.jpg, RAM_2018703_00250.jpg, and RAM_2010705_00258.jpg.

So why might you care? because I have at least partially edited the 12 **** rated pictures (and to a lesser extent the 8 *** pictures). That should give you some idea of what can be done to them.

Panorama created in Lightroom from images RAM_20180701_00237 - ...241
For those of you (except Roger and Steve) who weren't with us, this is the Eagle Butte Coal Mine north of Gillette.
For what its worth, the total stitched image is 65 Mega pixels (16909 x 4028 pixels).